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I’m Italian and graduated in Modern Literature, my passion along with travel. It’s not that strange I guess. If we think about that, they are almost the same thing: an exploration. Literature is the exploration of ideas, of different worlds; it means to explore other times, other places and other ways of thinking. Travels are the exploration of other countries, other cultures, the exploration of what’s beyond known boundaries. In other words, what is really fascinating to me is this concept of the “elsewhere”, of going beyond the limits.
That’s the reason why I studied literature and I wrote my thesis about the travel journals of Adriano Colocci, an Italian explorer of the 19th century from my hometown, Jesi. And that is also the reason why now I’m here, giving my contribution to a museum dedicated to themes I’ve always been interested in. Currently my focus is on Viking explorers and Space exploration.



Museum Curator

The place where I was born and raised in is Jesi, a town in Central Italy. I recently graduated in Sciences of Tourism. Going backwards in time with my memories, up to when I was a little boy, I recall that epic journeys and exploration in general have always highly fascinated me and influenced my way of thinking. For instance, my childhood hero, along with Batman, was Walter Bonatti, one of the greatest modern mountaineers and explorers.

Now, what I find most exciting in exploration is that it mirrors the primordial and instinctive human need of overcoming established limits, either geographical physical or psychological, and setting new ones. It surely was destiny for me to cross my path with The Exploration Museum after having had my share of travels and exploration (with more upcoming). My current focus is on Viking navigation and Polar exploration, and, in the next future, I dream to create in the museum a section about mountain exploration.

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