Ongoing projects at The Exploration Museum

Lunar Module Project (2015-2020)
A project to build a full size replica of the Apollo Lunar Module, the only vehicle that has taken humans to another world.

Volcano Exploration Exhibit (2017-2018)
A new exhibit about exploration of volcanoes in Iceland and around the world.

Museum expansion project (2018-2022)
Expanding our museum building with 5 new exhibits.

The Explorers Festival (annual)
Annual festival that consists of a series of talks by explorers, science and expedition workshops, art exhibitions that deal with the theme of exploration, film screenings and smaller events.

Leif Erikson Awards (annual)
Named for Icelandic explorer Leif Erikson who is considered by many as the first European to land in North America, the annual awards are given in three categories to explorers. Previous winners include Apollo astronaut and Moonwalker Harrison Schmitt, sailor Jessica Watson, twin climbers Tashi and Nungshi Malik, exploration historian Dr. Huw Lewis-Jones, astronaut and mountaineer Scott Parazynski, and the crew of the viking ship Draken Harald Hårfagre.

The Exploration Museum is a registered non-profit organization. If you are interested to join our projects as a volunteer, please visit our volunteering page.