The Exploration Museum Foundation

The Exploration MuseumThe Exploration Museum is run by
The Exploration Museum Foundation,
a registered non-profit foundation in Iceland.

The idea for the museum came in 2009 and the museum was formally founded in 2011 with a temperary exhibition. The museum opened for guests in its current location in 2014 and became a registered non-profit in 2016. Our purpose is to promote and preserve exploration history. In addition to running a museum, the foundation also publishes books and journals about exploration, provides museum education to school groups, and hosts the annual Explorers Festival and The Leif Erikson Exploration Awards.

Supporting The Exploration Museum Foundation
The Exploration Museum is funded by admission fees and membership. Corporate and Community Partners also play a valued role in helping the museum grow. The foundation is now raising funds to build a full size replica of the Apollo Lunar Module and a new space science exhibition hall. Because tax laws vary by country and change frequently, it is prudent to confer with legal and accounting professionals in order to maximize deductions applicable to individuals and/or organizations.

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